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Maxapt QuickEye Enterprise 2.7

Maxapt QuickEye Enterprise 2.7

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Maxapt QuickEye Enterprise Publisher's Description

Maxapt QuickEye: software tracking program.

The software helps company managers to control their employees' work efficiency. You take control of how much time your employees are spending on actually working, and how much time they are wasting on secondary tasks. You will know exactly which programs were used, and for how long.

Maxapt QuickEye helps you to quickly identify employees who are using their work time inappropriately; it also provides you with compelling evidence of their ineffective work.

For example, consider an employee who wastes two hours each day. If you could decrease wasted time to just a few minutes, you could save about 400 hours per year. For ten employees, the amount of time saved would be about 4000 hours per year.

Maxapt QuickEye gives you a powerful method for analyzing how your employees spend their working time at their computers.

Key features

  1. Ease of use, excellent performance, reliability and stability

    One of the most important advantages of the product is its effectiveness. The intuitively understandable tables and graphs provide you with insight on how the company's resources are being used. This will help you to reveal problems without much effort. There is also a rich selection of stylish skins. The program is stable, reliable and utilizes minimal resources.

  2. Reports on usage of software/computers by work-time and by activity-time by operators

    Maxapt QuickEye allows tracking of all programs running on a computer. Maxapt QuickEye logs the time when each program was launched, and for how long it ran. Maxapt QuickEye also records the time spent within specific programs, so you can see if the program just ran in the background, or if it was actively used.

    For example, MS Excel might have been running for 5 hours, but was actively used for only 20 minutes. Maxapt QuickEye displays this graphically.

  3. Grouping of computers; group reports

    Large companies usually have complex organizational structures, spread across various departments and services. Maxapt QuickEye provides a tool for grouping computers, which allows evaluation of work based on the structural organization of the company.

  4. Grouping and automatic classification of programs

    A handy feature of Maxapt QuickEye is program grouping, which allows evaluation of working time by fields (development environment, office programs, multimedia programs, games, etc.) Built-in auto-grouping is very convenient when multiple programs are used.

  5. Summary reports and time charts

    You can also set groups of computers and groups of programs, as well as the precise time interval that matches the work schedule. Maxapt QuickEye provides you with summary reports presented as tables and charts. Time charts show the time distribution of program usage.

    However, overly detailed analysis can complicate data summarizing, so Maxapt QuickEye allows you to limit the level of data generalization. And when you need more detailed analysis, you can increase the level of specification.

  6. Export reports in common formats

    Diagrams, charts and tables can be easily printed and exported in several graphic formats. They also can be readily emailed anywhere you need.

    Maxapt QuickEye supports data export in MS Excel and CSV formats, permitting further analysis as well as importing the data into databases.

  7. Remote installation and administration of observer modules, managing user rights

    System administration is intuitive and doesn`t require any professional skills. To install the program, all you need to do is to indicate which computers you want it installed on; the rest of the installation process runs automatically.

    You can create user accounts and set individual privilege levels for access to certain computers and departments. For example, the head of a department can have access to computers in his department only, while the general manager has access to all computers in all departments.

    Scalable architecture allows Maxapt QuickEye to adapt quickly to changes in the structure and size of the company.

  8. Protection of the data transferred over the network

    The information collected by the programs is confidential, and reliable cryptographic algorithms are used to prevent unauthorized data access. Data is transferred using secure channels.

  9. Small size and high speed database processing, extreme fault tolerance

    Due to the high level of data compression, network load is negligible. Optimized data processing algorithms ensure high performance. Due to the integrity control system and database backups, the chance of data loss or errors is minimal.

Important: The program consists of an observer module and a spy module. A license is issued for each observer module. The number of computers in the license determines the maximum number of computers that can use the observer module. You can increase the number of computers in the license by purchasing a license for the additional computers, and you will receive a new license to replace the one that you already have.

Important: You will receive the activation key after making the payment. We offer FREE updates!

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